Commonly asked questions

Thinking of joining Swindon Martial Arts and Fitness?
Still have a few questions?

Children’s classes?

For parents who have a massive interest in seeing their children excel and suceed.

What physical benefits can I expect from joining??

Kickboxing and Sport Karate will increase your performance in all physical activities. It will improve your reflexes, co-ordination and flexibility. The cardiovascular workouts will increase your fitness and help with weight control. As you gain strength and stamina, this will also boost your energy levels which will make you feel much better all day long.

What mental benefits will I get from training?

You will develop a much more positive attitude, which will cross over into all aspects of your life. It will reduce your stress levels and improve your concentration and relaxation periods. Increased Self Confidence and Self Discipline will help you to achieve your personal goals and also give you the peace of mind from knowing that you can adequately protect yourself and your family if the need arises.

Will there be other beginners in my class?

We run complete beginner courses so everyone is starting at the same level. If you have never trained before in your life and feel unfit this is perfect for you it is our job to motivate your mind and increase your fitness through our training.

Will myself or my children become overly aggressive from training?

Children especially, are taught the importance of Self Control. Martial Arts are defensive skills rather than aggressive behaviour. Aggression is channeled into assertiveness to increase self esteem, self discipline and also to build character and social awareness.

Is training safe?

All classes are strictly monitored to ensure complete safety for everyone. All exercises and techniques are taught and executed to very high standards ensuring full safety for everyone. Students interested in sparring are required to wear the full protective equipment and are closely supervised. The actual chance of injury is very small.

How long will it take to become ‘good’?

As with any sport or new skill, the time taken to become proficient varies with each individual depending on the effort and time they put in. With regular training you should be amazed within a few months as to how quickly and how much you start to improve. Regular gradings and a coloured belt system will monitor your progress. Your ultimate goal of course is to attain the coveted Blackbelt – this should take approximately 3 to 5 years depending on your level of effort, desire and commitment.