About the class

Adult Kickboxing Classes - Swindon Martial Arts Fitness

Our Adult classes are suited for 12 year-old’s and upwards, and open to both men and women. We have attracted a wide variety of people from different social backgrounds and cultures.
The class starts with a warm up session, which is similar to the Children’s Classes although run for longer and are more intense, then followed by martial arts training session.

Achievements and Outcomes

SMAF welcomes all levels of adults into our classes, regardless of background, all we ask is that you have some self belief and do not give up as soon as things get hard.

Our Adult’s classes will help you to:

  • Pride in your achievements
  • Build your confidence
  • Improve fitness and stamina
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn advanced self-defence techniques

“A great advantage of SMAF training is the lifetime friendships so many students have made.”

Training Times

Mon18:30 – 19:15Beginners Kickboxing
Mon19:30 – 20:30Adult Kickboxing
Tue18:30 – 19:15Ladies Only Kickboxing
Tue19:30 – 20:30Boxing & Kickboxing
Wed18:30 – 19:30Boxing & Kickboxing
Wed19:30 – 20:30Sparring
Thu18:30 – 19:15Beginner’s Kickboxing
Thu18:30 – 19:15Ladies Only Kickboxing (Room 2)
Thu19:30 – 20:30Boxing & Kickboxing
Fri18:30 – 19:30Boxing
Fri19:30 – 20:30Sparring
Sat10:00 – 10:45Ladies Only Kickboxing (Room 2)
Sun10:00 – 11:00Boxing

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